Varavon EX Plus 1000 Motorized Slider

Price: 200$/Day

The Varavon EX Plus 1000 Motorized Camera Slider is a 3.3 ft long slider with removable balancing legs. For surfaces not wide enough to support the legs, you can remove the legs and sit the slider on its feet, which are shaped like spinning tops. The slider's width is 3.5 inches, wide enough for the slider to be secure on its top-like feet and to not easily flip over as you slide a mounted rig. Maximum load capacity is 44 lbs. Ruler markings along the length of the slider will help with slides that would benefit from precision. A bubble level integrated into the top plate will help determine how evenly the slider sits. The top plate features a 1/4" screw and accepts any fluid head with a 1/4" thread and also accepts cameras directly. The slider weighs 9 lbs; lightweight, but also heavy enough to be even more securely positioned on a surface.

  • 3.3 ft long
  • Removable balancing legs
  • Top-like feet
  • 44 lb load capacity
  • Ruler markings along the length of the slider
  • Top plate with 1/4" screw and bubble level
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