Sony, PMW-200 HD422 Camera

Price: 150$/Day

Product features:

  • Three 1/2-inch Full HD Exmor 3CMOS sensors
  • 50 Mbps MPEG HD422 recording as MXF files (UDF mode only)
  • SD Recording and Playback (DVCAM) standard
  • 14x Fixed Zoom Lens (servo/manual switchable) with unique focus ring mechanism
  • Two ExpressCard SxS Memory Card Slots
  • 16:9, 3.5 inch color LCD
  • Slow & Quick motion
  • Focus Magnification for focus assistance
  • Slow Shutter Function
  • Shutter Angle Settings
  • Picture Cache Recording
  • High-quality four-channel audio recording
  • HD/SD-SDI output and composite/HD-Y output
  • USB interface for connecting camcorder as card reader
  • Six Standard Gamma settings and Four HyperGama Settings
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