Kinoflo, Miniflo 12" Kit

Price: 100$/Day

This Kino Flo Mini Flo Kit includes two fixtures and a double ballast. The Mini-Flo is a lightweight, flicker-free, high-output fluorescent system, ideally suited for lighting car interiors, miniatures, table-top or for use as a camera light. Kino Flo has developed its own 12-inch 8 watt T5 color-correct 2900° K and 5500° K lamps, available separately. Other accessories included are extension cable, mount, car adapter, flex arm and travel case. - When dimming the lamps, the color temperature shifts less than 200° K. - Multi-voltage AC operation with the double ballast - 12 Volt DC (car) operation, with included alligator clips to battery, or cigarette lighter socket adapter.


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