Dedolight - Basic Kit (set of 3x150w)

Price: 150$/Day

This Dedolight Basic Explorer 3-Light Kit is based on the DLH4 tungsten spot light. It is ideal for a lighting team that requires the ability to work from AC or DC current. A DC cable is included, for use with a Dedolight.

The dimmable power supply provides 24 volts @ 150 watts, from 120 VAC.

  • Dichroic filters convert the 3200°K light to 5000°K
  • Barndoor sets, mixed diffusion gels and translucent diffuser control the shape and quality of the light
  • Use the clamps, stand extender, Dedoflex holder to mount the lights in tight places
  • Ultra compact size
  • Light output equal to much larger light fixtures
  • Project background patterns with optional projection attachment and lenses
  • Clean beam means no stray light and very even light distribution
  • Variety of power options worldwide
  • AC 100V to 255V, batteries, automotive power, or small generators
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